Tungsten vs Titanium

Tungsten vs Titanium – Camo Tungsten Ring

Tungsten vs Titanium…the age old fight! Both metals are becoming increasingly popular for mens wedding bands. Both are less expensive than gold, silver and platinum; so it is no surprise the two metals are being used as alternatives for jewelry. People are looking for jewelry that will stand the test of time, after wearing such items day after day, which is why Tungsten vs Titanium is a necessary review to be read before buying mens wedding rings.

Tungsten vs Titanium

Tungsten Pros

  • Tungsten is known to last long and is said to outlive the wearer. Tungsten is fairly scratch-resistant.

Tungsten Cons

  • Tungsten rings may contain cobalt, which may cause negative skin reactions in some wearers. Tungsten bands develop oxidation spots that cannot be polished out.” Tungsten can’t be engraved. Tungsten bands are very heavy and people report fatigued fingers and hands after wearing each day.

Titanium Pros

  • Titanium is an extremely strong yet lightweight metal and lasts forever. It is used by engineers to create space crafts, airplanes, ships and architectural structures. Men who “don’t like the feel” of a ring comment “Titanium is a band that I don’t even notice.” It is durable since it does NOT corrode, and will NOT tarnish nearly as easily as gold, silver or platinum. If you love swimming, no worries, Titanium won’t corrode in salt water! Also unlike other jewelry materials, titanium does NOT cause skin allergies (Titanium is often used for surgical tools). Titanium can be engraved.

Titanium Cons

  • Titanium cannot be soldered, therefore, prong settings cannot be created to set diamonds or gem stones. Titanium cannot be sized, so you must be fitted before ordering.


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    Those are the facts, now the choice is yours!

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