Rubber Wedding Bands

Rubber Wedding Bands by #1 CAMO

Save your finger and buy Rubber Wedding Bands by #1CAMO! Did you know that 1000’s of fingers are injured each year by wedding rings alone? Ring avulsion is no laughing matter! To avoid these stats, we have created a ring that is perfect for the hunter, weight lifter, climber, farmer, contractor, craftsman, carpenter, electrician (non-conductive bands), and really anybody who works with their hands!

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Our rubber wedding bands come in a 3 pack, so as your mood changes, so can your wedding ring!

Anti Ring Avulsion Camo Silicone Ring – Outdoor Ring 3 Pack (Blaze Orange, Camo & Black Ring)

The 3 ring pack comes in Hunter Orange, Camo and Black! I personally wear my camo wedding ring for going out and church only. Otherwise I am rocking my rubber wedding band when I work, workout or am just around the house.

The bands are super comfy and made out of medical grade silicone. If you rubber ring did get caught on something, you can easily cut it off!