How is my Camo Wedding Ring made?

We print our copyrighted camo on a high quality fiber inlay, heat press it into a milled titanium band and then PROTECT it with a heat pressed, 1/8″ thick, hard jeweler strength, clear resin coating!! OUR CAMO WON’T FADE OR PEEL LIKE THE COMPETITION!

What is my ring size?

Great question! You can find your ring size right on our website: https://1camo.com/find-ring-size

Will the wedding band scratch?

Titanium is what space shuttles are made of! It is extremely strong, yet lightweight. But like most wedding bands, that can scuff and scratch. Look at our wedding ring quality chart here: https://1camo.com/ring-metal-comparison-chart

Can I exchange my ring for a different size?

Yes, of course! Within 30 days, return your ring to our office with a note of exchange size needed. More exchange details here.