Bocce Set - Bocce Balls

Bocce Set – Bocce Balls


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Bocce Balls

RULES: A traditional bocce court measures 90 feet long and is between 8.2 and 13 feet wide. To begin each round, a randomly chosen player or team throws the jack from one end of the court into the far end of the court. If the jack does not land within the court or doesn’t make it at least halfway across, the other team gets to throw it; teams alternate this way until the jack has been properly placed. Teams or players then take turns throwing one of their balls towards the jack; a ball from any player can hit other balls on the court and knock them further or closer to the jack. If a ball lands outside of the court, it must be re-thrown on the next turn. When all eight balls have been thrown, the team or individual with the ball closest to the jack is the only one who scores. The scoring team receives one point for each of their balls that is closer to the jack than any of the other team’s balls. If the two teams have balls equally close to the jack, the round ends in a tie and no points are awarded. After each round is scored, the balls and jack are collected and a new round begins, starting with the player or team who began the first round. Games are traditionally played to 12 points and must be won by a margin of 2.

  • Polyethylene
  • Balls: (8) 100mm all-weather molded bocce balls
  • Balls: (2) red, (2) yellow, (2) green and (2) blue
  • Pallino: (1) 40mm scoring jack
  • Package: Traditional carry bag
  • Everything you need to play is included