Huskers Giveaway!

Hello Husker Fans! Welcome to the #Huskers Ring Giveaway!

All summer long we will be giving away Huskers Rings, Camo Bands, Hunting Rings, Outdoor Rings, Camo Engagement Rings and more!
All you need to do to win is:

A: Have an Amazon account so you can “purchase” our ring and use the 100% off coupon code during checkout

B: Share/Promote the #1CAMOWIN Giveaway Contest via your social media (simply include the hashtag #1CAMOWIN and the domain in your posts) to increase your entries into the drawing (for every 10 likes and/or shares your posts get, you will get another entry into our giveaway!!)

C: Once you win, leave us a product review on Amazon — preferably positive ;)

That is it! So ENTER below and get to sharing!

Go Big Red - Husker Ring - Nebraska Cornhuskers Gift