CrossFit Gym Workout Outdoor Wedding Ring

We are launching our NEW CrossFit Gym Workout Outdoor Wedding Ring – 3 Pack and we are seeking brand ambassadors that will wear our rugged silicone rings at the gym, at work, and while doing the jobs that require your hands! Avoid the scary chance of ring avulsion with a normal wedding band and get our […]

Best Wedding Ideas 2016

Make your wedding this year the BEST possible with these amazing wedding ideas 2016! Sweet Ideas for Parents Did your mom preserve her wedding dress? If there’s no chance that you or a sibling would ever wear it, ask if you can add a sentimental touch to your bouquet by wrapping a piece of her […]

Jimmy Fallon Ring Avulsion

Avoid an injury like the recent Jimmy Fallon ring avulsion accident by replacing your wedding band with our 100% hypoallergenic, medical grade, silicone wedding bands! Never worry about scratching your ring, getting electrocuted from your ring, or injuring your finger with a standard metal ring. BUY OUR OUTDOOR RUBBER RING 3 PACK! Check out the Jimmy […]

rustic decorating ideas

Country Home Decor – Rustic Decorating Ideas

Country Home Decorating Ideas Creating a focal piece for your home or office is crucial for designing a space around. For a perfect rustic addition, think about adding a longhorn bull skull to your country home! We initially hung a longhorn skull over our fireplace in our home, but then bought another to keep in our […]

Silver Rings by #1 CAMO

Searching for the perfect camo wedding rings for your special day? Look no further as you have found the #1 rated supplier of Camo Bands online! Our customers LOVE our Titanium Silver Rings! Check out all our Titanium Silver Rings:

Mens Camo Wedding Bands – #1 CAMO

Mens Camo Wedding Bands Looking for the perfect men’s wedding band? If you have a hunter, fisherman or outdoorsman in your life, our Mens Camo Wedding Bands are a must have! Look at all of our varying Mens Camo Wedding Bands we carry: Click on the styles of Mens Camo Wedding Bands that fit your […]

Pink Camo for Her

Pink Camo Are you looking for the perfect gift for that special country gal? Look no further as we have pink camo bands for her! Our rings are distributed nationwide in jewelry stores and rated highly by all our customers! Check out all our great pink camo options below! Pink Camo for Her Rose Gold Pink […]

Camo Wedding ideas needed?

Camo Wedding ideas needed? People love our Camo Wedding Rings on A camo wedding cake is NEXT level for sure haha! Comment what you think about this beaut! Not sure if this couple was two male hunters or if that doe is sprouting antlers :) Camo Bands are always a great start to your camo […]

Custom Engraved Bands! You VOTE for our next ring!

COMMENT your ideas for our next custom engraved bands style! Horse Shoes and Bear Print are our current Custom Engraved Bands front runners! We also were recently approved by the CLC (collegiate licensing company) to engrave college logos on our strong Titanium wedding bands! The possibilities are endless! Are you a Ford or Chevy fan? Get […]