Camo Wedding Rings

What is my Ring Quality?

Alternative metals like tungsten, ceramic, cobalt chrome, and titanium have wonderful characteristics desirable in the creation of contemporary jewelry. However, in addition to their positive qualities, all of these metals have limiting properties. No single metal has all of the positive qualities and none of the limiting qualities. Here are some comparison tables and a …

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Titanium VS Tungsten

Titanium and Tungsten are becoming increasingly popular among the jewelry world. Both less expensive than gold, silver or platinum, it is no surprise the two metals are being used as alternatives for jewelry. People are looking for jewelry that will stand the test of time, after wearing such items day after day, which is why …

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Why Titanium Wedding Bands?

Titanium Wedding Bands are the HOTTEST selling men’s wedding ring on the market! -Titanium is hypoallergenic. (Titanium is used for surgical tools)! Individuals often have allergic reactions to silver, gold and tungsten! -Titanium is the strongest, most durable, lightweight metal on earth.  Titanium is the metal used to make SPACE SHUTTLES!!! -Titanium is the #1 …

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