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Make Money – Become Jewelry Sale Rep – Work From Home

Interested in jewelry sales? Looking for a work from home position? Do you know a lot of hunters and outdoors people? Join #1 CAMO as an affiliate marketer!  So what does this mean? Affiliate Marketing (v.): a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each customer brought by […]

Make Money From Home Selling Camo

Make Money From Home Interested in Affiliate Marketing? Looking to make money from home? Have an experience in sales? Join #1 CAMO as an affiliate marketer! So what does this mean? Simply click the affiliate marketing sign-up link and register! This includes your name and PayPal email address. Once you sign up you will […]

Wholesale Rings

Looking to add Camo Wedding rings to your website or jewelry store? Great idea! Buy our wholesale rings today by emailing us at We look forward to serving you! Wholesale Camo Band Pics Once you do, here are the official pictures to use:  

Wedding Ring Care

Tips & Advice to Prolong the Life of your Wedding Ring: -Take It Off. Believe it or not, caring for your ring occasionally means taking it off, such as during the following activities: Playing sports Lifting weights Gardening/yard work Cleaning house/using harsh chemical soaps or cleansers Contact with metal objects: Welding, mechanical work, construction, plumbing, […]