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When you see our stunning camo wedding rings and titanium ring collection, including custom engraved duck bands, Nebraska football Husker ring, pink camo bands, blaze orange ceramic camouflage rings and many other rugged, outdoor wedding band styles, you'll agree why we are #1 CAMO! We are a jewelry industry leader in providing superior quality titanium, ceramic and stainless steel rugged wedding bands. has an outstanding selection of unique titanium rings to please the entire range of outdoor and hunting fanatics. Both men and women will appreciate the strong, yet classy style of our rings!

#1 CAMO only sells 100% guaranteed rings that will last a lifetime! We handcraft our durable rings out of strong titanium (just what space shuttles are built from)! We inlay our camo, then coat our original copyrighted camo print in hard jeweler resin to prevent the camo from ever peeling or fading!

Buy your ring direct from and we will provide free size exchanges until you have the correct ring size! If you love the outdoors, hunting or high class timeless style, our wedding rings are for you! Besides weddings, will make any occasion special whether it be a birthday, anniversary or just a special gift, we can help accommodate your outdoor and camo wedding ring needs! Make sure to see our outstanding testimonials and feel free to contact us today with any questions. We look forward to working with you for your special day!